Monday, May 7, 2007

VST Studios -

8 May 2007 (tuesday)

Lecture session at Wananchi Online - Loita Hse 1st Floor (6pm)

Mugambi from VST Studios is going to talk about (java and J2EE)

He will have FREEBIES - 50 CDs with Jahazi 1.0 plus extra open java dev software eg Eclipse, Jetty server, jdk 1.5.0 update 9

So let's have 50 ppl show to pick up the freebies at least :)


fitz said...

hi, am not a techie and couldnt attend your meeting. however am keen on your activities and 've been to jahazi site, did the download but the setup wont open or run, whatssup?

Riyaz said...

Hi Fitz,

Were you running it on windows ? It only runs on Windows right now ... I'll alert Mugambi from VST Studios on this, and he can step in to assist ...

fitz said...

was running it on windows xp. its the office comp and our net is kinda slow, cud that be the reason?

mugambi said...

Probably the reason that Jahazi setup did not run is that it did not download completely.

When you open the property page when you right click on the setup icon do you find the size to be
3.61 MB (3,787,715 bytes)

If not download again