Wednesday, May 16, 2007

15th May meeting

Here's a summary of the happenings at Wananchi on 15th May 2007

Joseph Wamicha Gave a presentation on web video streaming. He showed some of the cool tools used like RED5 and FLV as well as some of the theory on stuf like unicasts, multicasts, TV systems Like NTSC & PAL as well as how to reduce frame size. Hea lso gave us some of the advantages of his tool of choice.

The presentation showed us the nuts and bolts of streaming, so now what can we stream? This led to a discussion on local content a number of sugestions came up.
  • Educational material i.e lectures and historical clips
  • Politics- Parliamentary sessions, The Budget etc
  • Traffic Cameras
  • Archived footage from KBC

A raging debate ensued about information, or is it misinformation by our media houses and how user generated content can help the situation. We discovered that the content has to be what is relevant to us- the Kenyans, what makes you pick up a phone to make a call and What makes you go ut to buy.

Also got some interesting statistics tha 80 % of the inteenet traffic in Kenya is outbound and only 30% is relevant to us. We also heard a rumour that some time soon a server should be up and running to serve up some hot local content so get creating!

Finally a note was made that female participation was greatly lacking, so all you ladies out there kujeni mjienjoy. Once again we revisted the topic of hangout time and venue, suggstions are welcome.

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