Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jahazi & Java

Last Tuesday's presentation by Mugambi was on jahazi, a product of VST Studios Limited (I'm told that VST stands for Very Sawa Technology :) ) which is involved in Web and Print Design, 3d Simulation and modelling as well as, well Jahazi.

Jahazi (currently only available on windows) is a Web top/ Internet OS, a framework/engine where diverse Internet Applications can run (some of the applications available include Chat, SMS, Email, Web Browser, RSS Reader - but in the near future you could be able to contribute your own applications via a to-be-released SDK - software development kit)

Mugambi also talked in general about Java (he described it as the best development language in the world :) - i'm sure some have divergent views) - described as suitable for distributed computing, cross platform, easy development among other features. - loads of freebies with Java Software and Tools on the CD that he was giving out. He also talked in brief about J2EE as a standard/architecture on which a good number of vendors have built application servers (think WebLogic Macromedia Jrun) etc - he says that it is best suited for huge conglomerates and not small companies :) - that tells you the scope of jahazi. He also talked about XML as the means of exchanging information between various

Visit and try it out for yourself. I'm really excited about it.

White African has his review here.

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