Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LPA Presentation - Meeting 29th May

I came late for this one, so someone else (Gituma?) will be adding on to this.

Evans Ikua, a major proponent of the Linux Professionals Association of Kenya, and a FOSS advocate made a presentation on what the LPA is about. LPA membership is currently 500 KES only (student rates - though we all qualify). To register visit the website - and register, then contact them by email. Evans mentioned that he would probably need some volunteers to help with maintaining the site, taking part in the LPA running so feel free to contact him. He's on the skunkworks list too.

A very active discussion ensued, with several questions being raised, key among them being:

Why would I want to Learn Linux - (the answer to this from most people was - so that I can get a job)

From a user point of view, most people even within the meeting, hardly used any Linux flavour for desktop use.

Why would an Organisation want to use FOSS?

From a organisational point of view, a way forward was to change tack and start advocating for solutions based on FOSS. Most businesses just wanted stuff that 'worked'. They are not interested in the flavour of linux running under it, or whether it is using Postfix or Sendmail as the MTA.

The best approach would be to create solutions that work, possibly managed solutions that are supported by organisations that develop solutions based on FOSS (there are quite a number currently), and since licensing is not a big cost, offer these solutions competitively. After deployment of such solutions, case studies can be developed and used as proof that FOSS is indeed a viable business software alternative.

More later

Next weeks meeting should be IPv6 migration by Vincent & Co (to be confirmed)

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