Thursday, May 31, 2007

June 1: Techie and Blogger Meetup

From the skunkworks mailing list:

we're having a MEETUP on Friday, 1st June at a place called ALPENOF -
it's right next to the entrance of Prestige Plaza on Ngong Rd.

everyone's welcome - we've confirmed a number of techies & popular
bloggers attending ... so pop in to meet new faces, and hang out with
friends. we'll start at 5pm and go on till late.

penguins welcome.


Jean-Antoine said...

How was the meeting? I really wanted to come but was not able to.
When is the next meetup?
See you soon

Chris said...

yeah howas the meet up... for me its long overdue i should present myself in the next meeting

Riyaz said...

meetup was fun as always !
Erik has more coverage here

next meeting today - 5 june (talking about ipv6)