Thursday, March 27, 2008

TODAY - Facebook Developer Garage

This is a reminder that the Facebook Developer Garage is set to take place this Thursday (27th of March 2008)

Time: 1pm - 7 pm
Venue: School of Computing and Informatics - UoN - Chiromo Campus.

Come and share ideas with the students and learn more about the Facebook Platform.

PS: There will be lots of food and the guest speaker is PS Bitange Ndemo.

1-3pm : speeches & presentations
3-4pm : reception
4-7pm : gadgets


Sam Buggz said...


I'm kinda new here...and maybe there is another affiliate site where your meetups are discussed or posted...but it would be nice if I could get a 3 day heads up on the next event(s)....

Riyaz said...

Hey Sam,

We're working on publishing proper schedules for the meetings. Will post details of the next one shortly.

You can join the mailing list as well