Friday, March 28, 2008

Next Meeting - 1 Apr 2008 - Document Standards

Date: Tuesday, 1st April 2008, 6pm
Venue: OPENWORLD LTD, 2nd Floor, Kenindia House, Loita Street, Nairobi
Topic: Document Standards
Facilitated by: Dorcas Muthoni

Also, we shall have a short presentation by Market for Change

(Still waiting for more people willing to do presentations/lectures)


Alan said...

Good afternoon, Skunkworks Kenya!

I am a volunteer from America teaching computer programming and Linux at Holy Rosary in Tala/Kangundo.

I won't be able to make it to the Document Standards meeting tomorrow but I think it's VERY pertinent and important that people discuss Microsoft's "Open Office XML" (OOXML) file format which was recently passed as a standard by the ISO.

It was passed despite accounts of vote buying, unfair influencing of board members, and other strange anomalies in the international voting process. Not to mention the standard was poorly documented and has numerous technical problems.

Will Kenyans be fooled by Microsoft's empty promises? I've seen the billboards in Nairobi that say "Microsoft sees Africa's potential" and I don't buy it for one second. In the end vendor lock-in means KENYANS lose and Microsoft wins.

Someone please at least mention this! Thanks!


Edward said...

I'm sorry to use this channel to express my enquiry but it is a result of the problem at hand.

How can I be able to subscribe to the skunkworks-ke mailing list. There is no hyperlink for subscription in the blog and my efforts to find one have been futile.

Please do something about it. The link to posts forwarding is also dead.

Please help, anyone....

Riyaz said...

alan, this is exactly what we discussed. If you look at the mailing list archives as well - we've had looong debates on this.
you should definitely try come for some meetings - and we'd also love to hear about your experiences in Tala.

edward, here is the link:
will check around - we might have lost the link in template changes.