Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Skunkworks session @ Elite Computers - Sarit Centre

People got treated to a potent combination of Macbook Air, iPhone and Meat Pies :).

Rahim - the APR Store Manager, gave an overview of the various Apple products available locally, Mac Mini, MacBook Air (so slim that it can fit inside an A4 envelope), iMac, and of course the various iPODs which most people present didn't seem too interested in.

We then watched the Apple March 6 event, with the launching of the iPhone SDK and Corporate feature set. At the end of the 1 hr+ video (watched via an Apple TV wirelessly streaming video from Rahim's MacBook Pro), nearly everyone presented decided that they 'need' to have an iPhone and pretty soon.


jke said...

Argh - how about an N95 instead?


Anonymous said...

Have an iphone and loving it so far, i know little about computers but i consider myself a gadget freak never the less. You guys sound like lots of fun to hang out with.

fimbo said...

Plain open source "oboho" geek proves no much the Apple hotties

Have you boys lost your heads?

fdf said...