Monday, August 27, 2007

Meeting - PloneGOV - 28 Aug 2007

Nicholas Bossut will be speaking about

Wananchi Online,
1st Floor Loita Hse

6pm, 28 Aug 2007

We will probably do dinner after for those wanting more discussions

from Ashok:

Hello All:

One of the main creators of PloneGOV project ( [1] is
visiting nairobi during this week, and is interested in meeting organizations, interested
parties, open source folks.... :

Moreover, I'm truly interested to explore opportunities for PloneGov
project. PloneGov could be a way for african municipalities to fight
the digital divide in saving money. Open source websites as City of
Seneffe website ( could be easily copy-paste and help
national administrations in charge of local governments to develop a
presence of public authorities on Internet. Different applications
are independant and interconnectable. In facts, we deployed tools
that aren't useful in Africa but municipalities can choose 'à la
carte' what they need.

Interested parties may drop me an email offline ....



[1] PloneGOV :
""55 European, African, North and South American Public organizations participate
in the PloneGov project. In doing so, they aim to gain independence from large
IT services providers by developing, essentially by themselves and in a
cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for
their citizens'.

PloneGov is open and aims to reach more organizations. Initiated by small towns
in close collaboration with the Plone / Zope Communities, the project reaches now
cities, regions and 10 parliaments. This collaboration effort already spans over 3
continents and 15 countries.""

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