Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Asterisk for Nokia Contact Centers

Kiania is talking about how he met a requirement for Nokia where they wanted a local support line in kenya.

Nokia outsources their support calls to a malaysian company. So they needed to forward the calls from kenya to the centers there.

Got a 0900 number from IMS. Linked this to an asterisk box and uses iax instead of sip to dial malaysia for the support center thro IP.

Iax used for better NAT traversal. Speex is the codec used. Free codec which only consumes 8k. Very efficient on bw and efficiency.

Covering the actual setup of the asterisk box - real life demo of asterisk setup.

Billing records ported to a mysql db for mediation purposes.

According to kiania, safcom gets 2m calls a day and are only able to handle 20k of these. And most are handset related issues hence the requirement for such a service from nokia.
This system handles 60 concurrent sessions and they are looking to optimize the scale. That number of concurrent calls gives you about 100k calls per day.

Trying to get tkl to interconnect directly via ip now among other issues to scale up.

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