Thursday, April 19, 2007

Forget the IPHONE: Neo1973 is here!

This is the phone to have. Simply put, this phone puts all else to shame. Yep the Iphone included.

so here we go:
Software stack is open
  • Mainline Kernel (2.6.20 at the moment)
  • Gnome Interface
  • Libs for GSM/GPRS module, GPS module, USB, ALSA, Bluez (PAN?)....

Hardware specs for the Neo1973:
  • GPS chip
  • GSM & GPRS
  • 128MB SDRAM (maybe i can run Apache??)
  • Hammerhead AGPS for GPS... (think location based svcs)
  • micro-SD card (+2GB support). (2GB for star treks.. Where's my ported mplayer?)
  • 2.8" LCD which doubles as a touchscreen
  • Bluetooth,vibrate function,USB2 support, Onboard Speaker, Power MGT,....
while being totally open!! What i would love to see is a WLAN chip

Yes, there have been Linux phones before, but this one is doing it right:
  • tracking mainline kernel;
  • no binary drivers allowed, period; which implies
  • complete and deliberate standards adherence (USB spec, interfaces to all components, etc); which means
  • using existing kernel drivers wherever possible, and when new code has to be written, doing so in a way that is most likely to be accepted by the kernel as a whole

Other awesomeness:

  • the debug board they came up with is a full JTAG adaptor that’s so with-it that people have started using it to debug other devices;
  • a build service whereby you can submit code and they will build you an image you can test immediately — no need (at first, anyway) to go through the immense pain that usually goes along with setting up a build & cross compile environment;
  • a hardware emulator that runs in QEMU, so you can even get on with testing code without having to wait for a build

And, of course, near and dear to my heart:

  • runs the GNOME stack: that’s GTK running up in that picture there!, and
  • there are GObject APIs to talk to the device libraries, GLib main loop integration, all the goodies.


Things i would love to hack in

  • SyncML support (all my contacts backed up)
  • ical support (google calender, evolution...)
  • Location based services (Based on GPS output... ex. Passing by Mobil, and u happen to be a pizza fun and it's TUES.... = BOGOF{BuyOneGetOneFree} )
  • apt support if it's not there
  • social networking apps (traffic mgt and info in nrb)
  • Bluez Personal Area Network with laptop/Devcons
  • ssh port
  • .....Free your mind

General availability was slated for oct 2007. I hope they are ontrack.

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