Friday, March 16, 2007

Meeting 5 review

Last meeting was held at Steers - opp Jeevanjee Gardens on 13th March 2007

As usual, it was a free for all discussion. Main points discussed were:

The best techie enviroment in kenya and what they should stock...
  • Beers
  • Ice Cream dispenser ..huh??
  • Loud Music (what would you prefer?)
Personally i prefer Beers and Techno/Trance o'er earphones... And oh gimme a swimming pool any day!

M-PESA and the ripples it would:
  • E-Commerce gateway for M-PESA... (maybe a download service) would open up a market of ~5Million potential customers
  • Easy Transfer of money.. and why choose M-PESA over PostaPay
  • Fraud
  • Possible technical implementations
Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs probably have the worst site on the planet. After much lamentation and wailing on the mailing list, a couple of people volunteered to do a 'free as in beer' implementation. Please refer to the list for an update.

Upcoming BarCamp topics list and possible presenters. If you are interested please talk to eric on the list.

Hacking wifi by encoding packets into ICMP instead of HTTP Quoting Riyaz 'i have no idea .... hehe'. Ditto

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Riyaz said...

ermm ... a swimming pool ? waterproof laptop ?