Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2nd Hand rack mount servers

As mentioned in the meeting yesterday - it is possible to get second hand rack mounted servers for about 15k from Computer Planet @ Visions Plaza on Mombasa Road. Specs should be around PIII, 512/1024MB RAM, 40GB, dual ethernet cards, some have dual processors. - should be brand names like IBM.

I suggest that for anyone who wants to get hold of one - get to pass word around so that a group can go there and negotiate for lower prices (e.g. <10k clear="all">
Then hacking on stuff like asterisk etc (and for those guys who'd want to starting thinking of colocation) can start in earnest



Josiah said...

so far people interested:

Riyaz (though he says later ;) )

Gitts said...

hey guys, a suggetstion, it would be nice to have summary of each meeting on the blog. what d'you think? that way we can keep posted even though we miss meetings

Riyaz said...


We actually have been doing that ... summary of the last meeting will be up shortly by Kiania - he promised LOTS of text-book revision material too :)

rackmountpro said...

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