Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Introduction to Web Development using Catalyst

From Jason:

We talked about Catalyst[1], an MVC framework primarily used for web

We demonstrated that catalyst uses helper scripts to generate stubs
like Ruby On Rails. We showed that it was simple to populate generated
skeleton files with code even with little Perl experience. Like Ruby
on Rails it is easy to get an app running and see the results
instantly thanks to the development server Catalyst ships with.

We also saw how Catalyst makes use of CPAN[2] to avoid reinventing the
wheel. This means that you also have the power to switch your models
and views as you wish using existing CPAN modules. This demonstrates
the flexibility of the framework.

At the end of the session, it was hoped that Catalyst would give
developers one more reason to use Perl.


[1] -
[2] - (Central repository for Perl Modules)

Next Session is next week


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