Monday, October 8, 2007

MEETING - The Future - 9 Oct 2007

Hey guys ...

This Tuesday, we'd like to have a special session of skunkworks - to discuss where guys see us going in future.
So I'd like to encourage everyone to come for this ... if necessary, we'll move to a bigger location.

When we started out with the group, there was all sorts of thoughts we had
- we needed a forum for techies to interact
- we needed techies to start DOING things - developing and innovating new ideas eg for local content, user support etc.
- we needed to create a shift of culture - develop a passion of being a techie.
- many other confused ideas :)

In the past few months, we now have over 400 guys on the list (perfect for safaricom marketing)
So we've got an active forum ... people are talking .... now it's time to DO SOMETHING.

The agenda for the meeting will be
- what do YOU want to gain out of skunkworks
- how should we organize the group - setup committees etc
- what sort of things do you see skunkworks doing to fulfill its agenda
- how can skunkworks CHANGE THE WORLD - by this, we mean how can "skunkers" develop new ideas for local content for example ... how can we create a thriving culture of software locally like Silicon Valley and so on.
- Ideas for a software development competition - cash prize being FUNDING to actually develop your business idea.

Regarding local content - a bunch of us have been debating this a lot on the skype chatroom - here are some links:

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