Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zimbra talk (in progress)

I came late for the meeting.

Among the attractive features of Zimbra

Push Mail functionality

Zimlets - Interface with google maps - enter a US (hopefully a Kenyan one :) ) and go to the location
- open application for voip dialing

Spam training
Administration console:

Can split up tasks e.g
  • MTA
  • Mail Box Servers
  • Proxies
Server Statistics: overall and drilled down per server.

Can cluster servers with professional version

Monitor MTA queues (typically postfix)

Also command line utilites (70-80) if you prefer

Network edition - backups available - full backups and incremental backups

In terms of data storage:
LDAP - user data
Metadata for email - MySQL

Connectors for Outlook and ActiveSync

How does it compare
Exchange -$20 a month / user ?
ZImbra - $28 a year / user

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