Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meeting #1

The first Skunkworks meeting was held at Steers Wabera Street on 13th Feb 2007. About 15-20 tech enthusiasts from Nairobi were present.

Was an informal meeting with people getting to know each other.

Planning was for a weekly meeting, alternating between formal discussion forums and informal chill out sessions.

EDIT: We first started out at GPO food court ... where we got chased away for holding an unlicensed "kamkunji" :) Meeting was then moved to Steers.


Gituma said...

meeting was like totally awesome dude, looks like some cool times ahead

Chris said...

are university students welcome to the said forum? am a linux novice and interested

Riyaz said...

Gituma - yes, the psyke is incredible :)

Chris - any techie is welcome ... bring friends !

egm said...

These are exciting times! I wish I was home to enjoy all these things. Too bad I'll also miss out on the bar-camp. I hope it gets proper blog coverage though!

Kudos for setting this up!