Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Skunkworks (Edited...)

It looks to be that after BarCamp on 31st March, things got rather quiet. :)
We did not have a meeting yesterday as we did not have a speaker for the day so apologies for all those who were siked up.

We need to have more people actively participating in skunkworks for its objectives to be met - it's community. From the reactions at BarCampKenya - there is lots of stuff that we can learn from each other, and several projects that can be done.

I propose that people sign up for topics that they can / would like to present. We really haven't scratched the surface on what this group can do.

Current Discussion Topics & 'Facilitators'
  • 8th May 2007: Mugambi (VST Studios) - Java and Jahazi
  • Michael Kamunge (JKUAT) - Presents his final year project - smart card based (will confirm the exact topic and date) - Mike will confirm when he can do this
  • John Maina on System Audit (please confirm
  • Local (Linux) Distribution on BitTorrent - Riyaz?
  • local content and locally hosted forums - - to confirm
  • Joseph Wamicha - Web Video Streaming
  • .More
  • .More

Upcoming ( this is where you add yourself as a presenter, add a topic you'd like talked about)

  • Web Development - using PHP
  • Web Development - using Ruby on Rails
  • Web Development - on a .NET Platform
  • Linux - Comparison of Linux Distributions
  • Linux - Is Linux Ready for the Common Mwananchi?
  • Local Content - Setting up a weekly podcast
  • Local Content - Blogging Server
  • Local Content - Locally Hosted Forums
  • Local Content - Wiki
  • Local Content - Techie Directory
  • Communications - WiMax
  • Communications - WiFi WarDriving
  • Community - Kenyanized GeekCorps
  • .More
  • .More
Past Topics
  • Asterix (Parts I to III)
  • BarCampKenya
  • Laban Mwangi & Robert ( - on FOSS Systems Software & Application Dev (Next Week - 24th April)

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